Security Solutions

 IT security breaches are major cause of concern for organizations these days. These breaches can lead to theft of data and money, trashing of the trust and brand reputation and total disruption of the key services. It is therefore imperative to invest in efficient security tools and processes. Most of the businesses are facing this threat on a daily basis. It has been observed that even minor breaches can lead to major losses. To tackle this threat, vigilance has to be maintained round the clock, which requires heavy investment in security tools and processes.

     VYOM provides customized Open Source security solutions for small organization to large organizations through technologies like State Full Inspection Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Network Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audit etc. By guarding & protecting enterprise network be it at the gateway, server or client level, will help you ensure integrity of information that powers your business. VYOM would assist you ensure information security with multiple layers of protection.

        VYOM Consulting Services are based on proven methods and best practices through which they have been able to provide outsourced security management, monitoring, and response services to help you solve security problems cost-effectively. Allow our representative to either call you in 24 hours or E-Mail you for greater details about our services

Security Engineering

We integrate information security technologies that provide key capabilities – confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability – to satisfy an organization’s critical security needs. Today’s information systems provide greater access than ever to a multitude of knowledge resources. But this broad connectivity means these systems are subject to threats that jeopardize the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information, the integrity of data, and the availability of critical resources.  VYOM’s challenge is to strike the right balance between new technology opportunities and the risks of implementing these technologies. To do this, we take an enterprise-wide view of security. We provide security services in all areas related to information systems and technology solutions.

Security Strategic Planning

Security must be integrated right fromthe start of any technology solution. And like other aspects, we need to do it smarter, faster, and cheaper in today’s budget-tightening environment. In providing system security guidance to our customers, VYOM analyzes security requirements for systems in the context of customer goals with emphasis on managing risk, not totally eliminating it.

We develop practical, cost effective security solutions, including security architectures, policies, and product integration.  Besides technology, we encourage user awareness, countermeasures, and standard practices and procedures to ensure a controlled environment. VYOM provides life-cycle support fromconcept formulation through system development, fielding, and operation. Our security professionals work with customers who have a corporate commitment to security and need to plan for and integrate security into their information systems.

Secure Solutions Integration

Our staff understands the multitude of threats to which a system is vulnerable. We are well versed in security technologies, including firewall engineering, secure dial-in, unitary login, digital signature and public key encryption, trusted products, and anti-viral software. We balance trade-offs between a system’s requirements and the ability of commercially available products to meet those requirements. We apply our knowledge to integrate information security “point solutions” (both commercial and custom) into existing information system environments. Our expertise in this area extends to Firewalls, Network Encryption System.

Access Control 

Security –

  • Application Firewall
  • VPN & Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Single Sign On
  • Wireless Security
  • Wireless – Linksys
  • Gateway Protection
  • Network IPS /IDS
  • Proxy firewall

Content security 

  • Anti Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti Spam
  • Messaging Security
  • Content Filtering
  • NAC
  • HIPS

 Internal security 

  • Endpoint security
  • Patch Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Asset Management