We have started working in March‘ 2007, as  a consultant in the field of IT infrastructure management. Team of technical people with intension of giving IT industry a best service, in IT infrastructure, Managed services & network security.

 In the Pune’s growing IT scenario, there was a need of a company which will give support for technical issues in large network implementations, WAN, ISP related issues & network security i.e internal security and external security.

 The VYOM journey started with handing large DATA center maintenance of high end equipment, re-structuring of cabling work, network testing & handling Router related issues. Troubleshooting in Network related threats & finding faults in system Architecture related issues, has made us get into Network Security and to understand industry management view in IT scenario.

 VYOM is aware that Information Technology in any corporation is just one of their business tools. As a pure independent system integrator, our first priority is not our profit or the manufacturer’s profit, but our customer’s benefits. This is why we never recommend unnecessary upgrades or implementations, our desire is to maximize customer’s investment, and in some cases,  “ IT ” may not be the best area of investment. We are totally “customer oriented”, and believe that in this way we will maintain long term, rewarding relationships with our customers and comfortably survive in this very competitive industry

 Our consultancy services are always based on three view points; “the Management”, “the Users” and “the IT team”.


Design and Implementation

Quality design and implementation is the common sense part of system integration. VYOM promises a very high quality of service during both design and implementation phases.