Managed Services

Imagine a managed service so far ahead that it detects and resolves issues before you become aware of them.  A solid, efficient and controlled platform powered by features far more advanced than any other and supported by a team of skilled, friendly and proactive people. With VYOM,  there’s no need to imagine – it’s for real.

With VYOM you’re in the right hands

Managed Services is at the centre of our business.  Our goal is to be the managed service partner of choice and we are on track to achieve this.  Our team, service and technology have been carefully chosen and developed to deliver the best offering available.

The net result of our customized, proactive, 24/7 IT maintenance and monitoring service is

  • You can concentrate on core business without infrastructure downtime distractions
  • Predictable monthly costs and stringent service-level agreements
  • A fast response, support and resolution if issues arise
  • Access to technologists with high-level certifications and diverse experience
  • Detailed quarterly performance reviews
  • A world ranking managed service tailored to your exact needs
  • Your ICT infrastructure investment is maximised
  • You can rest assured that your business and IT assets are in the right hands.

In fact, you’re in the best hands

The caliber of VYOM service has been recognized in IT industry. Our rapid growth, customer endorsements and retention of a team of technology experts further enforce this world ranking status.

The world ranking managed services technology

We’ve carefully chosen and developed the managed services technology best placed to support our customer’s needs.  Our technology is reliable, powerful and proven.  More and more organizations are choosing VYOM  to support and manage their infrastructure.  Our customers can rely on our remote management and reporting tool software to

  • Monitor, patch, audit, deploy, secure and control IT assets fromone simple dashboard;
  • Remotely log and monitor their own calls;
  • Automatically email a personalized resolution on completion;
  • Generate powerful executive reports with key metrics on managed services such as server uptime, patches

The world ranking managed service team

We have sought the most knowledgeable and experienced technical support professionals for our team.  Our team of engineers

  • Embrace our culture of partnership and continually keep our clients business interests in mind
  • Optimise the managed services tools to benefit clients
  • Manage the system to answer and resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Conduct regular network health checks to avoid costly infrastructure downtime
  • Maintain Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, IBM, HP and Oracle accreditations
  • Know when issues should be resolved remotely or on-site and when to escalate them.

Managed Security Services

  • Risk & Compliance Audit
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration testing